hospital wall coverings
hospital wall coverings
hospital wall coverings
hospital wall coverings
hospital wall coverings
hospital wall coverings
hospital wall coverings

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 Polycarbonate Wall Coverings

Wall Protection Shock-Proof & Fire Resistant

In the hospitals the materials used to cover walls should be self extinguishing, does not generate smoke opacity in the event of a fire and not propagate fire by droplet (Euro-class fire reaction: B-s1,d0)


Carboimpact, polycarbonate wall coverings B-s1,d0 high-performance shock-proof, for wall protection and mural decoration in hospitals, elderly residences, geriatric residences, hotels, childhood, schools, and in all the buildings whose walls are suffering from shock and abrasion

Due to its extreme hardness and high resistance, the protection systems and wall coverings Carboimpact allow you to protect and decorate their walls with the maximum aesthetics and effectiveness, eliminating any future spending of maintenance with ensuring the environmental aesthetics for always. Carboimpact is an stable material and does not degrade over the years.


Account with b-s1,d0 certificated euro-class fire reaction and is a free of PVC material that contains no halogens (chlorine, bromine, …) or heavy metals, harmful to humans and highly polluting, so in addition to respectful with the environment, it is nontoxic and safe in the event of a fire.



Coatings and bands or protective strips from impacts, scratches and dirt, especially indicated for hospital, residences, hotels, schools, public buildings and offices, airports, power industries, laboratories, large surfaces ...


Decor impact-proof and fire-resistant




Carboimpact Characteristics 



Extreme hardness, strength and durability

Polycarbonate is commonly used to manufacture impact resistant products such as bullet proof windows, security helmets, splashboards…



EU Fire reaction classification B-s1,d0 

As required by safety conscious European building regulations for healthcare buildings. Meaning: 

B: self extinguishing, does not propagate flame, S1 : smoke emission below risk levels for humans d0: droplets do not spread  the flame



Non Toxic (Free of halogen and and heavy metals)

It does not contain chlorine, bromine or heavy metals that become toxic for humans in case of fire, and damage the environment (unlike PVC or other polymers)



Dirt will not adhere

Being non porous, it does not allow dirt and bacteria to adhere. It is very easy to clean with neutral soaps but can tolerate normal hospital cleaning products, chemical disinfection, UV disinfection etc. 

Even marker pen signs can be easily removed with alcohol



Glued and ready!

Unlike the HPL, is glued directly to the wall without subtracting useful step, without generate cameras whith dirty imposible to clean from several centimetres in depth. First we glue the seals and then the plates, with queues total etch elastic. Thanks to the possibility of fold of the material, does not require accessories for the corners, adapting to any need. Your facility is clean, easy and nothing invasive, without works or bolts, nor draftstops.



Solid colors and inside tinted

For example, HPL is a resin with a decorative paper in your last layer visible. When repeated suffers strong impacts, shatters the surface layer allowing us to see the dark color of the resin. Carboimpact is always of the same color and in the event that you will come to break the surface, which is totally unlikely, never vary their appearance while maintaining the same color.



Special for operating rooms

Its exceptional characteristics of resistance, safety and hygiene, along with a price very content, make it the ideal solution. Its system of joints sealed for operating rooms, clean rooms and kitchens with the antifungal sealant guarantee the complete security and tightness. Very easy to clean.




Material without maintenance. Carboimpact avoids the costs of the repairs to the wall, his painting and its maintenance, while ensuring a clean image and aesthetics, always as the first day

Walls transmit your image Protect your walls

Protect your image

The overall appearance of a building is immediately associated with the quality of the services provided


For example, in hospitals, the patients are not experts in medicine, but they know about the appearance and first impression of the building.

If the walls are dirty , with hard impacts and without a good appearance, the image transmitted will be of carelessness, and lack of professional services value.


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